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CX Training, Part 1: Cloud is the Catalyst for Better Education in the Contact Center

One undeniable impact of COVID-19: impatient, exhausted and sometimes desperate consumers expect much more of the customer service teams with which they engage. And, if dissatisfied with the experience, they’re much more likely to promptly take their business elsewhere.

That’s why many contact center leaders consider agent and CX training to be one of their top priorities for 2021. They know that only top-notch agents continuously educated and coached to deliver a superior service experience will position their companies to foster and retain the loyalty of increasingly fickle consumers.

Maintaining customer loyalty can be a challenge for any organization. But it’s a challenge that organizations still relying upon on-prem contact center and training technologies might not overcome.

That’s because cloud enables a variety of significant agent training and coaching benefits that on-prem simply can’t match.

  • Cloud is the catalyst for better overall education in the contact center.  Cloud-based CX training applications are inherently more accessible, making them a much stronger enabler for today’s more dispersed agent workforces that are responsible for driving superior customer experiences.
  • Cloud promotes better, more effective new-hire curriculum. Trainers can use cloud-based training applications to build inexpensive, real-world, non-production environments that help new agents in any location reach readiness faster. These cloud-based environments make it quicker, easier and more affordable for trainers to build, refresh and deliver any kind of onsite or remote training—training that also can feature many more simulations and much more hands-on work.
  • Cloud fosters better real-time coaching and continual development. Cloud-based training applications enable trainers to more efficiently ensure existing agents maintain readiness while continually expanding their domain expertise and honing their individual skillsets.
  • Cloud better prepares teams for whatever tomorrow brings. Cloud-based training applications enable trainers to quickly and nimbly build or modify curriculum as needed to respond to any number of changing scenarios—like global pandemics, market shifts, widespread customer issues or new internal processes.

Watch for upcoming blogs in this “CX Training” series, where we’ll explore in more detail each of the above agent training and coaching benefits that only cloud-based applications deliver.

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