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What is conversational bot management? How to get the most out of your chatbots

Conversational bot management, otherwise known as chatbot management, is essential for the success of your chatbot. Not only does the right approach to chatbot management ensure that bots are tuned for optimal automation, and high customer experience, delivering consistently useful and accurate results, but it also allows you to monitor and improve performance based on [...]
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Demystifying chatbot containment rates with analytics

Chatbot owners want to know how well their bot is performing and often turn to containment as a north star to evaluate performance. But is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Let’s take a look at chatbot containment rates in detail to understand where this common metric is useful, as well as where [...]
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The chatbot performance metrics every team should be measuring

The beauty (and, sometimes, the burden) of virtual agents is that they’re never finished. You and your conversational chatbots can always learn something new—whether you launched them yesterday or 5 years ago. However, uncovering the right insights and being able to implement changes that have real impact is incumbent upon looking at the right aspects [...]
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AI & chatbot analytics tools: Off the shelf or build your own?

The world of chatbots and conversational AI is evolving rapidly, with numerous companies offering an array of solutions or incorporating them into their products and services. As a business owner looking to drive improvement, however, you may find yourself underwhelmed with the analytics available within these platforms. Bot platforms typically provide limited access to the [...]
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Strategies for Elevating Contact Center Quality Management

Contact center leaders know that their quality management (QM) programs are critical to customer experience (CX) and driving a connection between contact center performance and delivering business value. Yet it’s all too easy to settle into the status quo with your quality management program. QM can’t be looked at like risk mitigation—just helping to identify [...]
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Want AI in Your Contact Center? First You Need the Cloud.

Gartner says generative artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the top three technologies that will transform customer service and support by 2028. I couldn’t agree more. After all, AI enables contact centers to proactively manage agent performance, improve customer engagement, and gain deeper insights into the customer journey based on current and historical data. With [...]
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The Great AI Paradox for Contact Center Agents

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise and yet, believe it or not, tomorrow’s contact center will need more—not fewer—agents as revealed in the latest State of the Contact Center 2023: Activating the Agent of the Future. Leading research and consulting firm Gartner predicts that Conversational AI will reduce contact center labor costs by $80billion in [...]
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Calabrio WFM: Because Your Agents Deserve the Best—Wherever They Are

A handy guide to perfecting your workforce scheduling with technology that enables agent flexibility and autonomy. At long last, employee engagement is top of the agenda as organizations the world over recognize the importance of agent wellbeing in meeting rising customer expectations. Incredibly, the majority (84%) of contact center managers now rank agent engagement scores [...]
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