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How COVID-19 Is Testing My Leadership Skills and What It Is Teaching Me Along the Way – a Weekly Update (Week Eight)

As I write this, it is hard to believe we are almost to June already. We are nearly halfway through 2020 and it feels like we have accomplished so much with having to pivot, face new challenges and most importantly stay safe. Yet it can be easy to forget these achievements with the vast majority […]

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How to train remote workers in the art of empathy

In our current work and world climate during COVID-19, many businesses find most of their workforce in an unprecedented situation; forced to work from their own homes. While many of us have lived through business and work crises of varying degrees, no one can reference a prior global pandemic for communication to employees. Understanding how […]

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Activity Notes: A New Way to Track Special Events in Calabrio WFM

While organizations are operating in various off-premises locations, the need for transparency, preparedness and communication increases. Our customers have been angling for an option to log actions that don’t fall within standard parameters. With this goal in mind, we’re launching a new feature for Calabrio WFM and Calabrio ONE customers: Activity Notes. The Activity Note […]

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How COVID-19 Is Testing My Leadership Skills and What It Is Teaching Me Along the Way – a Weekly Update (Week Seven)

As we enter the last few weeks of May, countries, markets and businesses across the world are figuring out how we can safely return to our physical spaces for work, entertainment, school, shopping and more. When we started to work from home several weeks ago, there was no playbook. It is no different now that […]

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Why desktop analytics is a must for work-from-home agents, and beyond?

Remote work has opened new possibilities in how contact centers manage their workforce. However, it has also unearthed new challenges in keeping those employees engaged. Two resources, often mentioned in the context of tracking agent activity, are Desktop Analytics and Screen Recording. While both allow capturing of agent activity on-screen, there are large differences that […]

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How COVID-19 Is Testing My Leadership Skills and What It Is Teaching Me Along the Way – a Weekly Update (Week Six)

I want to start off this week’s column by thanking everyone who has been reading along here on the Calabrio blog, on TMCnet, and those of you that have reached out via email and social media to share your own stories. If only one lesson sticks with me (but believe me, there are going to […]

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Dodging Common WFH Hazards in the Contact Center

In my last article, I covered some of the reasons why WFH will indeed be the “new normal” for contact centers post-pandemic. However, this process is not without challenges. Here are my suggestions for dodging what I’ve seen to be the top three: Analyze and formalize the participation and processes for your expanded WFH policy […]

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WFH: The New Normal for Contact Centers Post-Pandemic?

At some point, contact centers will return to a “new normal” post-pandemic. We may not know yet how that new normal will look. And it likely will look differently from one contact center to the next. But one thing is for sure: work from home (WFH) will play a much bigger role—in a much shorter […]

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