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Managing Mental Health in the Contact Center

Download Transcript With a growing number of people struggling with mental health conditions, contact center workers are no exception. The demands of a contact center can wear down agents over time if they aren’t supported. Since one in three agents are considering leaving the field, finding ways to beat agent burnout is vital for contact [...]
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Global Ambitions, Local Outlook: True-Cloud WFO Data Sovereignty Worldwide

Calabrio Leads the Way in Delivering True-Cloud WFO Data Sovereignty Worldwide Following successes in the USA, Europe and Southeast Asia, Calabrio expands to the first full-suite contact center Workforce Optimization (WFO) cloud offering in South Africa. JP Aubineau celebrates the company’s cloud-first strategy and shows how to distinguish a true-cloud WFO solution from a fake [...]
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Debunking Common Data Security Myths with Calabrio’s Security Experts

Preventing cyberattacks is a top-of-mind concern for many organizations as they move more and more online and into the cloud. But this heightened fear of online threats has also given rise to data security myths that can cause people to take the wrong approach to protecting their organization. Recently, the Working Smarter Podcast sat down [...]
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Keeping Up with Contact Center Cloud Security

We’ve finally passed the tipping point when it comes to contact center cloud security: The apprehension that plagued it since its inception is dissipating as businesses of all sizes race to the cloud. Today, more than 75% of contact centers now have made full or partial moves to the cloud. And one-in-four are fully cloud-based.  The [...]
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7 Essential Elements of an Effective Corporate Program

In the Final Part of Our Workforce Wellbeing Series, Calabrio's Ross Daniels Shares His Top Tips for Building an Effective an Effective and Happy Team In this workforce wellbeing management series, we’re bringing a magnifying glass to the current state of the contact center. We're assessing the rising stress levels in contact centers and creating [...]
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What Is Average Handle Time (AHT) in the Contact Center?

What Is Average Handle Time (AHT)?  Average handle time (AHT) is the average duration of a customer call in a contact center. It starts from the moment a customer gets connected with an agent after waiting in a queue until the end of that interaction. This also includes all talk-time, hold time, and after call [...]
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Self-Scheduling: The Answer to Agent Stress in Modern, Omnichannel Contact Centers

With stress levels in contact centers as a constant, Calabrio's Magnus Geverts discusses how to balance the needs of employees and the business with a fresh approach to agent self-scheduling. I have been in the Workforce Management (WFM) business for over 20 years and during this time, contact center leaders have again and again told [...]
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True Cloud vs Fake (Hosted) Cloud: What’s the Difference and Why it Matters

So, you’ve decided it’s time to take your WFO solution to the cloud. That’s a smart choice—and one that puts business first rather than drain focus on IT infrastructures. But pause before you purchase because not all software offerings are created equal. There are many WFO providers marketing themselves as “cloud,” but who are not […]

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