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Customer expectations in APAC have changed. Can your contact centre adapt?

We’ve certainly learned much about customer and employee expectations in APAC during the past year. Massive shifts to remote work, combined with greater preferences for instantaneous response, have led APAC contact centres to accelerate their digital transformations. The process was arguably already happening—the pandemic just boosted it. I had been involved in a lot of […]

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Mapping the full customer journey: 3 reasons why voice matters

In Calabrio’s recent blog “Harnessing CCaaS and CRM solutions: what’s the missing link?”, we discovered how data is the beating heart of a synchronized agent and user experience, empowering frontline staff to deliver better customer experiences.  We then explored the importance of capturing all kinds of information from inside and outside the contact center – […]

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Using customer ideas to create a better experience: the Calabrio Ideas Site

Customer feedback is the lifeblood of our product suite, and we always look for ways to improve their experiences. Customers can guide our development processes – through the Calabrio Product Ideas portal. Here’s how it works: Customers submit their product idea to the community, and other users vote, comment, question, and add to the idea. […]

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The Eighth Time is the Charm: Calabrio Again Named a Top Workplace in Minnesota by the Star Tribune

If the past 18 months has taught us anything, it is that almost everything can change in a matter of days, let alone 365. So, I am ecstatic to say that something that has not changed is Calabrio’s dedication to creating an employee-centric workplace. And I’m very proud that the Star Tribune has named Calabrio […]

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The contact center (and its analytics) are the core of any truly Connected Enterprise

There’s no denying the contact center has emerged as the company hub that best captures and understands true voice of the customer (VoC) insights. After all, that’s where customers direct their real-time product and service questions, concerns and reactions. That’s why even decisions made outside of the contact center tend to manifest directly from the [...]
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The Connected Enterprise: 3 ways to turn theory into practice

In our first two blogs in this series, we set out to define what it really means to be a Connected Enterprise, identifying the top three characteristics that all connected organizations share. We discovered how Connected Enterprises enjoy far higher levels of workforce and customer engagement than their peers. At the same time, they share [...]
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What’s stopping you from becoming a Connected Enterprise?

In our last blog, we established what it means to be a Connected Enterprise and the benefits such connectedness brings. We then discovered how everyone gains, from employees to customers. We learned how the secret to success lies in promoting a Connected Enterprise ethos that enables everyone, regardless of department, function or job role, to [...]
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Crunching the numbers: Reveal the ROI of switching to intelligent, automated WFM

Measuring the return of investment for any application can be a tricky endeavor. It starts with an agreement on the organizational vision—what are you working to achieve? The touchpoints that you create along the customer journey can help clarify this vision – but then you’ll also need the data to back it up. When looking […]

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