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A glimpse into 2022: How can contact centers plan ahead?

Hybrid working, The Great Resignation and digital transformation are buzz terms that swarmed the contact center industry in 2021. Yet, perhaps the word “buzz” does them a disservice. Each represents a significant trend that goes beyond the day-to-day operations of many organizations. One thing is true - such a profound period of change has proven [...]
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Agent Wellbeing: Flexibility Is About More Than Where an Agent Works

With the increased digitalization of contact centers, there has been a growing need for workplace flexibility to respond quickly to changes in the workplace. This essential strategy continues to help leaders preserve and strengthen customer satisfaction, contact center operations, and agent wellbeing during times of great upheaval. In modern call centers, more and more employees [...]
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5 ways workforce management can save you money right now

As a contact center leader, you need to consistently meet customer service expectations while staying within budget. A key factor in achieving both objectives is effective management of your contact center resources. After all, these resources account for a significant part of your contact center’s full operating budget and are key customer satisfaction drivers. It [...]
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Automated assistants: 6 ways to simplify and supercharge your chatbot strategy

When combined with the latest Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) solutions, chatbots have the power to improve workforce flexibility, employee satisfaction and the customer experience all in one go. Reports indicate their influence is set to continue especially among the younger generation. Most recently, Calabrio surveyed over 250 contact center agents and discovered that more agents [...]
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What agents want in the era of “The Great Resignation”

You’ve likely heard much about the “Great Resignation” (or “Great Reshuffling”) lately. Essentially, employees are reassessing the impact of their jobs on work/life balance, mental health, and overall life goal fulfillment. No industry has been spared from this phenomenon – especially the contact center industry. A Gallup analysis early in 2021 found that nearly half [...]
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The contact center, simplified: 3 ways to turn theory into practice

In our last two blogs, we introduced the concept of adding simplicity to the contact center and outlined the major barriers to success. Along the way, we shared several simplification strategies including how to step-up staff engagement programs and refresh leadership skills. In this final blog in the series, we discuss how to turn theory [...]
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Simplifying compliance in the contact center

Nearly gone are the days of compliance being an afterthought in the contact center. Organizations are looking to the contact center as a catalyst for the greatest opportunity for change and improvement, and many are looking to start with some of the perceived greatest of obstacles. Historically, one of the many challenges to contact centers’ [...]
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What’s stopping you from simplifying your contact center approach?

In our last blog, we introduced the importance of adding simplicity to the contact center. We revealed how the trend towards flexible workforces can impact agent satisfaction, recruitment and retention as people threaten to quit their jobs rather than return to the office. With employee engagement as a top priority, we shared proven strategies to [...]
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