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3 Ways Performance Coaching Can Change Your Contact Center for the Better

In today’s environment — where contact centers have shifted to remote/hybrid work, agents are leaving jobs in droves as part of “The Great Resignation,” and customer interactions are exploding in number while becoming more complex and omnichannel. More than 59% of organizations are taking steps to prepare their teams for automation. Their thinking is that [...]
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5 Ways to Banish Complexity in the Contact Center

In my last article I discussed how to keep things simple in contact center operations and introduced the importance of incorporating a human-centered approach to operational thinking, processes and technology. Now it’s time to take a look at how to translate theory into practical steps for success. Read on to explore some helpful tips to [...]
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Contact center operations: Keep it simple, keep it human

Many believe modern contact centers have become far too complex. In a world where ‘work from anywhere’ has become the norm, how do organizations manage the efficient scheduling and forecasting of their staff while keeping teams connected and meeting service levels? The growth of digital platforms has merely increased complexity but not necessarily for the [...]
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The smart approach to resolving complexity in contact centers

Contact centers have been investing in sophisticated, omnichannel technologies for well over a decade. The shift to the cloud has also been happening over time and accelerated significantly in early 2020. Our own research found that 90% of contact centers said they were aggressively investing in new channels, automation and analytics tools — while 68% [...]
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3 ways to win the technology tug-of-war

In our last blog, we revealed how customers crave speed, convenience and emotional empathy when interacting with their favorite brands, a paradox that threatens the status quo of today’s contact center. These double-edged customer expectations also present a unique opportunity to empower agents and enhance CX. In this blog, we throw the spotlight on technology [...]
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How to embrace the double-edged expectations of your customers

For brands and businesses seeking to navigate rising customer expectations over the past year, an interesting paradox has emerged: consumers now seek the gold-plated speed and convenience of the e-commerce world but they aren’t willing to sacrifice the human touch. This reflects the findings of a PricewaterhouseCoopers consumer survey which revealed the four most important [...]
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How Generation Z employees will save the world

Every generation brings to the workplace a set of characteristics that are shaped by the events and cultural norms of the day. Take Generation Z, Gen Z or Zoomers as they are fondly called. Born between 1997 and 2015, this generation accounts for nearly 25% of today’s workforce. While it shares the advantages of being [...]
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Work-life balance is still a big problem for contact centers

The hardest part of any contact-center business is balancing what employees need against what it takes to keep customers satisfied. Contact center leaders run into the same dilemma time and again: how to balance a business model that may demand 24/7 customer service against the work-life commitments made to agents. This constant push/pull scenario puts [...]
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