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Power Up for C3 with Calabrio Customer Josie Trimnal, Grand Canyon Education

After two years of being apart, we are excited to bring Calabrio Customer Connect (C3) to the Gaylord Palms in Orlando, Florida, from September 26 to 29. To get you fired up about the event, we're spotlighting a longtime Calabrio customer who will be in attendance. Hear from Josie Trimnal, Quality Assurance System Administrator/Calabrio Administrator, [...]
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The Rise and Fall of Manual Quality Management

When it comes to habits, Do you begin each day with a cup of coffee (or two)? What about screen time? If you were to calculate your habits and categorize them as “good” or “bad,” which grouping would be bigger? Habits are good if the contribute to consistent positive behaviors. But in the workplace, they [...]
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Calculating Occupancy Rate in Contact Centers

Download Transcript Along with other essential metrics used to monitor call center efficiency and performance, occupancy rate is vastly important. With the rise of virtual contact centers, leaders need to stay on top of customer interactions and understand the time agents spend resolving customer inquiries. This has become a bigger challenge with the digital transformation [...]
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7 Tips for Preventing Agent Attrition

Omnichannel contact centers are the future of customer service, and agents are critical to their success. In an ever-changing landscape, frontline workers continue to handle an average of 14.4 additional omnichannel interactions per day, compared with nearly two years ago. But as customer expectations rise and more channels emerge in contact centers, agent stress levels [...]
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Essential Principles of Quality Management

Measuring quality is paramount to the success of the contact center. As more businesses provide digital services, many consumers interact only with contact center agents and, therefore, prioritize a seamless digital experience. What that means for your contact center is ensuring quality has never been more important for retaining happy customers. That's why leaders need [...]
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Managing Mental Health in the Contact Center

Download Transcript With a growing number of people struggling with mental health conditions, contact center workers are no exception. The demands of a contact center can wear down agents over time if they aren’t supported. Since one in three agents are considering leaving the field, finding ways to beat agent burnout is vital for contact [...]
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Global Ambitions, Local Outlook: True-Cloud WFO Data Sovereignty Worldwide

Calabrio Leads the Way in Delivering True-Cloud WFO Data Sovereignty Worldwide Following successes in the USA, Europe and Southeast Asia, Calabrio expands to the first full-suite contact center Workforce Optimization (WFO) cloud offering in South Africa. JP Aubineau celebrates the company’s cloud-first strategy and shows how to distinguish a true-cloud WFO solution from a fake [...]
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Debunking Common Data Security Myths with Calabrio’s Security Experts

Preventing cyberattacks is a top-of-mind concern for many organizations as they move more and more online and into the cloud. But this heightened fear of online threats has also given rise to data security myths that can cause people to take the wrong approach to protecting their organization. Recently, the Working Smarter Podcast sat down [...]
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