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7 Steps to Effective Workforce Planning

Building an efficient contact center that solves a customer’s problem effectively the first time around while also keeping agents motivated is the ultimate goal of CX leaders everywhere. Success comes down to effective workforce planning – in its simplest form - ensuring enough of the right-skilled staff are in the right place at the right [...]
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3 Ways to De-Stress Employees with Technologies That Humanize the Hybrid Workplace

Part two of our Workforce Wellbeing Series, focusing on ways to improve the health of the contact center Embrace analytics to boost your workforce wellbeing strategy. Employee wellbeing is the key to providing exceptional customer experience (CX). Let's take a closer look at three reasons why you can’t afford to ignore the latest advancements in [...]
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Workforce Wellbeing: What Does It Really Mean and Why Does It Matter More Than Ever?

Part One of Our Workforce Wellbeing Series Focuses on Reducing Stress in the Contact Center Stress is a major barrier to success, and it is affecting everyone. Calabrio is campaigning to support improvements for people, processes, and technology to enable greater wellbeing across the contact center organizations. We feel that by prioritizing workforce wellbeing you [...]
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The Future of Work Is Distributed—And Data Is Its Core

In Gartner’s recent report “Future of Work Trends: Work Is Distributed,” analyst Helen Poitevin outlines how distributed work implies “significant degrees of flexibility in how work is organized — who is involved in what work activities; and when, where and how it is getting done.” Flexibility is so significant in this new world of distributed [...]
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Selecting Agent Management Solutions – Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Ross Daniels at Calabrio looks at the recently published 2022 Agent Management Value Index Report from analyst firm Ventana Research, for insights into how to structure software selection processes – to help organizations pose the right questions to get the right answers. In its recent report, Ventana Research came to the conclusion that, “The pandemic [...]
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Make Sure Your Contact Center Agents Know You Love Them

Gary Chapman became a relationship guru with his 1995 book, “The Five Love Languages.” In it, the experienced marriage counselor outlines five ways to express and experience love, which he calls “love languages”: receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service (devotion) and physical touch. Chapman uses the analogy of language for his [...]
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Level Up Your Contact Center Performance with BI in 2022

Standing in the first part of a new year, there is a new chance to evolve your contact center. Our CEO, Tom Goodmanson, recently identified some of the major trends that we've seen leading into this year. I wanted to highlight a few of those trends, and show how enhancements in Business Intelligence can help [...]
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Make Every Day “Game Day” in Your Contact Center

If you have sports fans, or family of sports fans, working in your contact center, the biggest topic of conversation in your team this week will likely to be around the upcoming big game. Every February, players run around a patch of grass in search of their ultimate reward. This end result is the culmination [...]
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