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Meet a Machine Learning Engineer: Q&A with Sean Matthews

For my final installment of our Q&A series, I chatted with Sean Matthews, machine learning engineer, about how he’s applying his academic background in psychology and cognitive science to real-world business problems. Keep reading to learn how Sean’s expertise in natural language processing is translating into voice-of-the-customer insights for Calabrio customers.   Q: You have […]

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News Flash: The Next Generation Wants Digital Communication

Our world is digital and there’s no getting around it. We trip over it everywhere—people are on their laptops, phones and tablets searching the web, surfing social networks and downloading apps, all while walking down the street. This digital generation is also making strong judgments about the quality of service they’re receiving from brands on […]

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Meet a Machine Learning Engineer: Q&A with Skyler Grammer

To continue our Q&A series, I sat down with Skyler Grammer, machine learning engineer at Calabrio (and rocket scientist), to learn more about how machine learning is becoming the secret weapon in business. Below, Skyler talks about how data analytics leads to better decision-making than gut feelings and how machines can go from naïve to […]

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Proven right again – the customer comes first!

Teleopti Wins Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 EMEA Customer Value Leadership Award Since Calabrio’s inception in 1992, we’ve been working relentlessly on raising employee engagement and satisfaction – both in our own internal operations and in our workforce management (WFM) solution. Our efforts have now been rewarded with the prestigious 2016 EMEA Customer Value Leadership Award […]

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Building a Business Case for Customer Analytics

If you are in a product or service-oriented industry, it should come as no surprise that the way you engage with your customers means everything. How well you know them, whether you can provide personalized service, and if you can earn their trust and loyalty can all mean the difference between your customers spending their […]

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Capacity Planning – Its Importance and Getting It Right

Capacity planning isn't getting the attention it deserves, nor is it valued, as it should be and a real disservice to those who do it. The general perception is that "any" capacity planning process is valid and accurate. But in my opinion, even understanding the skill level required to create an accurate capacity plan is [...]
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Meet a Data Scientist: Q&A with Margaret Potter

I sat down recently with Calabrio’s Margaret Potter, data scientist, to discuss the importance of data science and analytics to business. In this Q&A, Margaret shares her unorthodox journey to becoming Calabrio’s resident “math lady,” and why the people behind the tools are still the cornerstone of success when it comes to analytics. Q: Tell me [...]
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Chatbots – the next step in the evolution of the contact center

Magnus Geverts at Calabrio says it’s time to wise up to the explosive growth of Chatbots while keeping human agents happy with effective workforce management Thanks to the rise of mobile texting and messaging apps, ‘chatbots’ or “chatter robots” are causing a stir in the world of customer service. In fact, Business Insider UK recently […]

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