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The power of social media – don’t lose out!

Today’s connected consumers are the ones driving the revolution in retailing. With the ever-expanding array of communication and social media platforms at their disposal, allowing them to research and shop anytime and anywhere, they often end up spending more than intended. However, with this retail revolution also comes new expectations and potential drawbacks. For instance, [...]
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3 Ways Integrated Analytics Can Solve Your Data Nightmare

When it comes to making operations more efficient, most executives know they need to leverage data to identify areas of improvement. Data collection and storage is manageable, but executives can easily find themselves with a mountain of information and more questions than answers. How do you move from the collection phase to extracting insights and […]

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Leave the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality behind!

Why trading your manual spreadsheets for an automated WFM tool is a wise decision! Rolling out a new workforce-management (WFM) system is scary – I get that! What’s even scarier though is holding on to rudimentary methods in a world where the ways of communication are constantly changing. It just doesn’t cut it anymore… Picture [...]
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Guest Post: Springtime Renewal in the Contact Center

Springtime is traditionally a time of renewal, refreshment and rebirth. We think about spring cleaning our homes, offices, cars and anywhere else we have spent a lot of time during the long and often gloomy winter days.  And now that spring has sprung we see flowers in bloom, hear birds singing once again, and look […]

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How to kick start your mobile customer experience program

Imagine this scenario, a young woman is walking down the street on her way to work listening to music on her smartphone with her wireless headset while playing on one of her apps. When you think about it, this isn't some hypothetical story that is hard to imagine. It's our everyday life. We have become [...]
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3 Reasons Your Contact Center Needs to Go Digital

When you close your eyes and imagine a contact center, what do you see? Is it a dim and dusty room filled with rows of headset wearing agents, half-heartedly responding to customer complaints? Or, is it a buzzing and dynamic environment equipped with 21st century customer engagement and analytics technology that empowers businesses to predict customer […]

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Adherence – from a strategic & employee perspective

I recently gave a webinar entitled: "Adherence from a strategic and employee perspective." Adherence is one of the most important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of the customer-service industry. My aim then was, and is now, for contact-center managers to understand that decisions about adherence have an impact on forecasted need and attrition, team-leader administration and [...]
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Omnichannel is Here: The Case for a Digital Contact Center

It’s time to open the possibilities of your contact center with an omnichannel approach Many of us rely on GPS navigation while driving to avoid getting lost on our way to a destination. However, a good GPS isn’t static; it will offer up alternate routes depending on things like traffic and road closures. Essentially, it […]

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