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Mitel + Calabrio WFM = a joint offering

Mitel is a leading global supplier of Customer Experience Management solutions including omnichannel interaction routing and reporting, self-service IVR, Outbound, and Workforce Optimization. Over 27,000 companies worldwide trust Mitel with their customer experience and over 1M agents use Mitel contact center technology today.

A key application of Mitel’s WFO suite is Mitel Workforce Management powered by Calabrio WFM. Our sophisticated, agile and intuitive WFM solution integrates with all of Mitel’s Contact Center platforms, including MiContact Center Business, MiContact Center Enterprise, and MiCloud Flex Contact Center. Our integration allows Mitel to deliver an enterprise caliber workforce management offer to Mitel’s global channel partners and customers


Being of like mind and aligned in our go to market strategy via channels, Calabrio and Mitel have a substantial customer base that includes small, medium and large contact centers. Additionally, having a shared vision on delivering innovative solutions that drive a differentiated end user and agent experience enables us to achieve great success in bringing to market solutions that our customers recognize as impactful with a strong ROI.

Why choose Mitel + Calabrio WFM for your contact center?

Deliver a Superior Customer Experience

It’s a simple formula. The right agent, in the right place, with the right skill, with the right media, at the right time equals a superior customer experience. Contact centers face many challenges on a daily basis from fluctuating call volumes, expanded media types, to high turnover. Being able to efficiently manage these basic requirements requires the right tools to build, manage, and ensure highly effective and efficient interactions between agents, supervisors and your customers.


Employee Empowerment

Employee engagement is the heart beat of any successful company and with agent turnover proving to be the highest expense for contact centers, organizations like yours need to ensure that you are doing all you can to empower your employees. Mitel WFM gives your supervisors the tools they need to accurately produce agent shifts. Managers have the ability to view agent preferences, skill-sets and availability before making a schedule live. Agents have real-time access to their client portal to view adherence, report an absence, request time-off, and bid on schedules with colleagues.

deliver omni-channel experiences

Improved Operational Efficiency

Mitel WFM helps businesses of all sizes lower costs and gain more customer insight while becoming more efficient in day-to-day operations. The Mitel WFM solution provides strategic planning, forecasting, scheduling, real-time adherence, and employee engagement capabilities to promote business growth and provide a more balanced workload, all while ensuring your customer traffic is known and service levels are met.

create accurate forcasts

Dive into Mitel WFM features

All the tools for workforce management success in a single, unified solution

Forecast & Plan

Enhance workforce productivity by blending an understanding of customer behavior and changing conditions to create accurate forecasts and precise yet flexible schedules.

  • Accurate forecasting
  • Multi-skill planning and optimization
  • Long-term budgeting
  • Staff administration
  • Employment work rules
  • Outsourcing collaboration

Analyze & Improve

Monitor and manage service performance, both of real-time activities and past results, to get a clear picture of all performance metrics. Ensure informed, data-driven decisions for ongoing success, in the present and the near or far future.

  • Report analysis
  • Business intelligence
  • Intraday management
  • Real-time follow-up

Empower & Work Together

Create opportunities for collaboration between all roles within customer service operations to foster workforce engagement with their work and schedule. Automated inclusivity of the scheduling and shift requests process boosts efficiency and employee empowerment.

  • Schedule adaptability
  • MyTime employee self-service portal
  • Gamification
  • Shift trading
  • Absence handling
  • Overtime management

Interact & Notify

Drive contact center transparency by making your workforce aware of the current schedule, any changes in their schedule, or activities within their workday. Clear communication helps employees understand what is needed from them and what’s available to them to help them to become rock stars.

  • Instant alerts
  • Text notifications
  • Calendar sync

Train & Develop

Identify the skills and knowledge gap in your workforce and automatically schedule the relevant type of training to match that need. Remove the manual work that goes into flexible training planning and developing employee competency.

  • Automated training planning
  • Competence management

Ready to Connect?

Tailor a flexible, unified IT suite that supports your customer service operations. Mitel Workforce Management, powered by Calabrio WFM, integrates with all of Mitel’s Contact Center Platforms.

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