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Unemployment Claims Management

Workforce Optimization & Scheduling for Government

Unemployment Claims Management

Workforce Optimization & Scheduling for Government

With unemployment claims rising, state and local agencies must scale to meet demand. Smart tech can help.

COVID-19 has uprooted workplaces across the world, forcing many employees to look for new opportunities. A surge in job seekers also means new unemployment claims—and government agencies must meet that demand.

Workforce optimization solutions, like the Calabrio ONE suite, can make it easier to manage surges in unemployment claims—allowing state and local governments to provide timely benefits for their citizens.

Find out how Calabrio can help government organizations rapidly launch, scale and manage unemployment claim management efforts—in the cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid environment.

Rapidly Launch Your Unemployment Claims Management Initiative

We have partnered with Amazon and Twilio to spin up virtual call centers and give you the tools to properly manage the scheduling of agents, record and monitor the quality of conversations, and analyze trends in those conversations. We can launch this critical infrastructure in a matter of days.


Using a workforce optimization solution for unemployment claims management helps address startup challenges for any state or local government.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management tools help governments hire and schedule contact tracers in a short time period, without the need for scheduling spreadsheets.

Quality Management & Call Recording

Quality assurance tools help governments capture all interactions and quickly evaluate them to identify training opportunities for contact tracers.

Interaction Analytics

Speech, desktop and text analytics tools can identify trends in conversations and monitor compliance to contact tracing scripts.

Workforce Management

Take a modern approach to workforce management. Hone your forecasting, streamline your scheduling and administration and free managers to focus on the bigger picture.

Respond to real-time increases in demand.
Quickly react to surges or ebbs in unemployment claims through dynamic intraday scheduling tools, including added overtime and vacation-time-off functionality. Create and fill overtime opportunities and additional hours in real time to ensure you have enough agents during busy times.

Simplify multi-language scheduling.
Managing unemployment claims can require the participation of all people, regardless of their native language. Build schedules when agents are multilingual. More easily change schedules when there’s a surge in demand for a particular language.

Increase staffing flexibility.
Manage schedules between in-office agents and those working from home. Easily scale your staff up-and-down as needed.

Quality Management & Call Recording

Drive consistency across every channel.
Calls, emails, chats, social media—capture and evaluate every interaction for customer service quality.

Keep your customer interactions secure and easy to access.
Meet internal policies and comply with regulations for data encryption and secure storage.

Easily manage compliance requirements.
Leverage manual and automated pause and resume functionality. Evaluate customer interactions to ensure compliance with PCI, HIPAA or other regulations—without losing valuable customer information.

Interaction Analytics

Sophisticated speech, desktop and text analytics unlock new intelligence buried in your unemployment claims interactions. Transform every interaction into usable data. Distill that data into key trends.

Evaluate in near real-time.
Set smart goals and evaluate in near real-time. Show agents how they measure up to their peers. Inspire them to get better with click-of-a-button best practices sharing. Create a timely feedback loop. Give agents personalized coaching. Use desktop analytics to discover where agents get hung up.

Increase operational efficiency.
See where conversations hit dead-ends. Spot the snags and the slow-downs, from lethargic systems to cumbersome processes. Extract insights that drive better, faster service.

Track relevant interactions.
Run prescriptive insights based on unemployment and COVID-relevant words and phrases. Flag conversations. Report on trends.

Connect the dots with custom metadata.
Bridge gaps between call center interactions and other systems by linking Case IDs, account numbers, or any other unique identifiers to the contact (call, chat, email), while it is being recorded, imported or processed.

An easy-to-use, modern workforce optimization suite.

Calabrio ONE

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