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Redefine the Customer Journey with Calabrio Analytics

Making smart financial decisions can be challenging. Many people don’t know where to start, what it takes to achieve their life goals, or whom they can turn to for advice. That’s where GreenPath Financial Wellness comes in. GreenPath is a trusted national nonprofit that provides financial counseling services. They have spent over 60 years empowering people to lead financially healthy lives. Working with Calabrio Analytics helps them redefine the customer journey with greater efficiency.

Since GreenPath’s NFCC-certified financial counselors operate over the phone, Calabrio Analytics enables them to work more efficiently. They do this by making sure they have the right advisor at the right place and time. With customers placing their trust in GreenPath for guidance, the company needs to have access to trusted contact center technologies to efficiently counsel their clients. That’s why working with a trusted software company like Calabrio was crucial for GreenPath.

Discover the different ways GreenPath Financial used Calabrio Analytics to strengthen the customer journey.

Calabrio Analytics Enables Greater Efficiency

Before GreenPath implemented Calabrio Analytics, supervisors needed to listen to 60–90-minute phone calls to ensure quality. Now they can quickly search transcriptions for phrase hits and use sentiment analysis to target specific calls that need extra attention. This significantly reduces the call review process from over an hour to only a few seconds or minutes.

Using Calabrio Analytics also helped GreenPath leaders identify gaps in processes, demographics, and services provided. They could quantitatively analyze their clients’ needs to gain greater insight into how to improve the customer journey. Leaders were also able to get a more robust idea of the quality performance their team provides for their clients and partners.

Additionally, they discovered new business by repositioning their marketing dollars to target their desired prospects. As a result, GreenPath was able to attract more prospects and increase contact with underserved populations by 150%. Read the case study to get inspired.

How You Can Use Call Center Analytics to Your Advantage

There is a great need to gather and easily sift through the customer data already being collected in contact centers. Analytics combines qualitative and quantitative data to expedite and simplify these search features. Advanced analytic tools also enable you to sweep through calls to verify if anecdotal hunches are correct or incorrect.

If you already have analytics, how do you use it to its full potential?

There are many ways to fully harness the power of Calabrio Analytics. Let’s explore some of the ways to do so below:

harness the VoC with Calabrio analytics

Predictive Analytics

Unlock predictive modeling thanks to the power of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) features. Analytics allows you to not only easily sift through existing data, but also make calculated predictions about the future of otherwise unknown events.

How GreenPath Used Predictive Analytics to Redefine the Customer Journey

Before they used Calabrio Analytics, they had more data than humans to score calls. Now, with their analytics engine, they can combine qualitative and quantitative data with ease. With speech and desktop analytics, they can now spot trends and patterns quickly and take action accordingly. By making those smart improvements, they increased their customer experience and overall customer journey.

GreenPath redefined the customer journey with Calabrio Analytics

Sentiment Analysis

As customers continue to want greater technical support, they also expect an understanding agent with a myriad of soft skills. Understanding the tone of every call is important to ensure quality and satisfaction. Explore nuanced customer interactions in every call by using selective phrase hits and sentiment analysis.

What GreenPath Discovered with Sentiment Analysis

GreenPath’s agents had certain hunches about how their interactions were going and what customers were asking about. By using Calabrio analytics, they discovered real trends and patterns based on their piles of anecdotal data. This provided a clearer picture of what their clients needed.

Omnichannel Experience

As customers continue to reach out for support, they communicate across calls, emails, texts, mobile apps, and more. Quality analytic software enables seamless and personalized experiences. Customer interaction analytics break down silos between channels to create a single, integrated view for enhanced customer experience.

How GreenPath Benefited from Omnichannel Experiences

Calabrio allows GreenPath to narrate the full customer journey – pinpointing the client’s phone numbers, indicating the type of caller, and addressing their specific need. Transcription search has been a game-changer as well. They can assess tens of thousands of calls to quickly find key phrases and identify issues. These features allow them to better serve their customers’ unique needs.

Deciding which features are most important to help uncover trends is possible by being able to accurately analyze data.

Uncover Customer Journey Insights with Calabrio Analytics

When you’re using analytic tools to their full potential, you cultivate a strong customer-centric view. One great way to align your contact center with your initiatives is by generating a consistent brand experience.

Since your agents are the first point of contact for your customers, it’s vital to focus on building brand guardianship with your team. Analytics can directly supply you with the essential information needed for greater customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Diving Deeper into Voice-of-the-Customer

Eliminating friction points along the customer journey greatly improves the experience. Calabrio Analytics peels back the curtain to clearly identify friction points by monitoring agent-customer interaction trends. Plus, it can reveal what issues are pressing vs perceived.

Customers are demanding more from their contact center interactions. They not only want technical and empathetic support, but they also want organizations to anticipate their needs. Predictive analytic tools resolve issues faster and create more personalized interactions.

Finally, connecting your speech and text analytics tools across every channel will ensure you’re creating a consistent customer experience. Analytics can pierce through the piles of data to make your customer experiences, faster and more beneficial for your clientele. Learn more about how your peers are using Calabrio to elevate their efficiency.

Evaluate Employee Engagement

Analytics can also capture the voice of the employee (VoE) to help you gain insights into how you can help keep them engaged. Using analytics allows you to create intelligent benchmarks and realistic goals for your team. Some highlighted features include:

  • Agents can see how they compare to peers
  • Supervisors can identify technology or training issues previously unknown
  • Personalized dashboards are easy to access for training purposes
  • Agents are encouraged to self-coach on certain topics

Empowered employees also benefit from performance coaching sessions. Desktop analytics provide clear examples to help improve their agent performance. More comprehensive analytic tools reveal agent insights, which enable managers to identify and address issues before they impact performance.

Redefine the Customer Journey with Calabrio Analytics

Redefining the customer journey starts with rethinking how you’re using your data. The true voice of the customer is available to you—you just need to harness it! Let GreenPath Financial Wellness’s success with Calabrio Analytics inspire you to delve deeper into the possibilities within your own contact center.

Ready to harness the true voice of the customer? Watch the Calabrio Analytics demo now.

Jennifer Docken joined Calabrio’s product marketing team as the QM Product Marketing Manager in 2021. As an experienced B2B marketer she brings with her 10+ years of marketing experience across multiple industries. She is innovated minded with a strong drive to understand customer constraints and how to break down barriers. She strives to better understand the pressures put on the modern Contact Center and how to drive customer satisfaction and agent engagement.
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