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Learn to Use All―Not Just Some―of Your WFM as viewed by USAN

It is pretty much common knowledge today that success is driven by excellent customer experiences. The question is, how do you provide it?

The answer is quite obvious – through proper training of your employees at all levels.

Teleopti partner USAN has recently published an article where they reflect on the assumption that 80% of the users of a WFM solution only use 20% of its capabilities and why that is the case: Learn to Use All – Not Just Some – of Your WFM.

How we learn something varies, people have different ways of perceiving and understanding their environment. They have developed different learning methods and approaches that work best for them, which means it is also important to make it easy to learn new concepts.

Lotta Lundström heads up Regional Marketing for Calabrio International (outside US), driving demand by building and executing localized marketing strategies. She has 20 years’ experience of B2B marketing in the IT software industry and came to Calabrio with the acquisition of Teleopti in 2019.
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