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Drive Call Center Employee Engagement: 7 Ideas & Activities

Employee engagement is no longer an afterthought. It is a must in every business, including the contact center. An Aon Hewitt study showed that a five percent increase in employee engagement can drive a three percent increase in revenue the following year.

Happy contact center agents lead to happy customers and happy customers lead to better business results. Finding ways to drive employee engagement can be difficult, here are seven ways you can help influence business results through employee engagement.

1. Agent motivation

Create and nurture a fun, competitive atmosphere by motivating agents to meet or exceed expectations and complete specific objectives that tie to business goals.

2. Coaching and mentoring

Allow sufficient time for agents to track their own performance to learn where they can improve. A mentoring program can help boost low performers while providing developmental opportunities to high performers.

3. Evaluation and recognition

Agents want to know how they are performing. Having proper evaluations in place and recognizing when expectations are exceeded will greatly impact engagement.

4. Time management

Give agents the opportunity to have power over their schedule. Tools like Dynamic Scheduling—Calabrio’s modern approach to shift-bidding—empower agents with even greater visibility, flexibility and control of their schedules and work-life balance.

5. Intraday management

Agents have the flexibility to accept overtime or take voluntary time off for unforeseen changes in staffing requirements, all while keeping the needs of the business in mind.

6. Voice-of-the-employee (VoE)

Listening to agents, whether it be through analytics software or giving them a seat at the table, can help address issues before they impact engagement or lead to turnover.

7. Interaction analytics

Using a comprehensive analytics platform allows you to mine customer interaction data to deliver predictive benchmarking and behavioral insights that can be used to improve employee engagement and retention.

To learn even more about employee engagement, check out our white paper, The Definitive Primer on Employee Engagement.

Kat Worman has been working in the contact center industry longer than she cares to admit! With more than 20 years of experience, Kat has held numerous contact center positions including management, data analysis, strategic operations, and service level planning. Prior to joining Calabrio, Kat was a Principal Consultant specializing in the implementation of process and applications within the contact center. She has provided consulting services to Fortune 500 companies throughout North America, Europe and Australia. Kat specializes in partnering with key stakeholders and workforce planning teams to deliver unique solutions to contact center challenges.
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