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Brand Loyalty Starts with the Contact Center

The nature of the buyer journey is changing. As digital communication channels continue to emerge, brands need new ways to make personal connections with customers. Contact center agents make up the front line of personalized communication, and marketers should recognize and encourage their role in the new customer experience. According to our recent survey, “The […]

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The Magnificent Seven – A review of Workforce Management in 2017

Olle Düring looks back at an exciting year with a round-up of the 7 hottest topics affecting customers and contact centers. Things are looking up for WFM in contact centers if the bold statement by DMG Consulting is anything to go by. President Donna Fluss says that “after more than 20 years of little innovation, [...]
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Why the Focus on CX Puts Pressure on Call Center Agents

Every day, contact center agents act as brand ambassadors during their hundreds, if not thousands, of customer interactions.  As customers embrace self-service options, the majority of routine questions are funneled off, leaving agents to handle increasingly more complex customer inquiries. The growth in self-service hasn’t decreased the call volume; in fact, we found just the […]

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The Year of Contact Center Employee Engagement: Our Top 10 Blog Posts

There’s been a sizable change in the industry as contact centers place a stronger focus on employee engagement in order slow agent attrition rates and provide a better customer experience. This shift, from Workforce Optimization (WFO) to Workforce Engagement Management (WEM), has turned the focus towards contact center employee engagement. As we look back at […]

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Elevating the Employee Experience: Calabrio Wins Saddletree Research Kachina Award for Second Year in a Row

Companies that struggle to provide exceptional customer experiences may be overlooking an important group and its place in delivering on the brand promise: contact center agents. We spend a lot of time working on and speaking about agent empowerment because engaged contact center employees delight customers, leading to higher satisfaction and retention. Employee empowerment and […]

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The Top Trend to Change Our Industry in the Next Five Years

We think about analytics frequently at Calabrio. We think about how to improve the use of data, how best to implement analytics strategies, and how to make that data work in meaningful ways for businesses like yours. It’s not just because we’re data lovers (we are!), it’s because we know analytics is the key to […]

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Practical ways to digitalize the customer experience

Calabrio’s Product Manager Jeremy Hamill-Keays explores the brave new world of digitalization and takes a look at three innovations worth watching. Digitalization is revolutionizing the way we work and interact with each other and is even influencing the type of goods and services organizations sell. We are in the grip of what some experts call [...]
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Drive Call Center Employee Engagement: 7 Ideas & Activities

Employee engagement is no longer an afterthought. It is a must in every business, including the contact center. An Aon Hewitt study showed that a five percent increase in employee engagement can drive a three percent increase in revenue the following year. Happy contact center agents lead to happy customers and happy customers lead to […]

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