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5 Priorities to Help Marketers Own the Customer Experience

The Economist Intelligence Unit recently released a report revealing 86 percent of CMOs and senior marketing executives believe that, by 2020, they will own the customer experience from start to finish. However, at present, many marketers find it challenging to utilize the insights gathered directly from customer interactions, and need guidance to achieve this goal. […]

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If You Love Your Agents, Set Them Free

The morning grind. The daily commute. Rush hour. These days, the colloquialisms we use to refer to our workday travels don’t need to hold true. While many forward-thinking companies including Lyft, Uber and TaskRabbit are building their business model around a workforce that works when it wants, this just isn’t possible in contact centers. Lines […]

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The Customer is King. Or is it?

We all know companies who claim their customer service is first-rate and that they put the customer first. However, when you look at their management structure, the customer is left without a seat at the table. Sales and marketing are busy attracting and signing new customers, but who’s nurturing those existing relationships? In other words, […]

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Is It Time for a new WFM Solution? How to Tell

Workforce management (WFM) solutions should be used in contact centers of all sizes, from sophisticated, omni-channel and multi-site environments with 10 agents to those with thousands of agents. When asked at what point an organization should purchase a WFM solution, my answer used to be “when you can no longer remember the names of all […]

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Real Time Adherence – what’s not to love?

Nick Smith at Calabrio gives 3 compelling reasons why RTA is here to stay Scheduling disruptions are an everyday occurrence for frontline operations and a major headache for contact center leaders everywhere.  Employees call in sick or run late to their shift, the latest promotional marketing campaign is so successful that product demand and call [...]
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4 Steps to Improve Your Customer Experience with Omnichannel

Businesses know it’s a buyer’s market. And with every buying interaction, consumers expect anytime, anywhere access—all in a seamless experience. When companies are unable to meet this expectation, consumers will go elsewhere to find it. Similar to a relay team—which is only as good as its slowest runner—your company’s brand is only as good as […]

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The rise of social customer care

The ways that people interact with the world around them and how customers expect to interact with companies aren’t what they once were. Hussein Kamel, Senior WFM Consultant at Calabrio, discusses how well-honed customer care via social media is no longer a choice but a necessity. The world is changing around us, but how exactly? [...]
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Why WFM is Giving Way to Workforce Engagement Management (WEM)

In your contact center, workforce optimization (WFO) is currently giving way to workforce engagement management (WEM). Why is this? According to Dimension Data’s 2017 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report, customer experience is “cited as the most important strategic performance measure, building customer trust and delivering tangible benefits on commercial performance, employee engagement and customer loyalty. […]

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