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Make it easy to learn new concepts

Ensuring durable knowledge transfer during training sessions is always a bit of a challenge. Because people have different ways of perceiving and understanding their environment, they have developed different learning methods and approaches that work best for them. Some people prefer listening as it stimulates their auditory memory; some prefer taking notes, writing in their [...]
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Elton John’s odd lyrics – or importance of clear message delivery

I was reading an article in the Huffington Post about misheard song lyrics and, in a roundabout way, brought to mind the challenges WFM and operations partners face while communicating with each other. I don't know how many times I have seen frustration on a colleague’s face when trying to express, “Hold me closer tiny [...]
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Use WFM to identify and improve performance centers

Organizations with customer relations today are facing challenges of growing demand and more complex customer requests while, at the same time, they’re searching for more efficient ways to combine great customer service and operational efficiency. As such, analyzing operations and processes would benefit from the use of various sets of tools. In this post, we [...]
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Basic, vital principles for successful WFM

From my perspective, workforce management (WFM) is more than just a software tool – it is an entire business-process solution. For this reason, it is vital that organizations include everyone in supporting the WFM process. WFM managers, resource planners, users: success cannot be achieved on your own. You need a strong sponsor within the organization. [...]
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Frequent upgrades make for better products

Even in the days of the old waterfall model , one of the key factors of success was to identify issues and defects as early as possible so as to minimize remedial costs. But what if the wrong product is being made in the first place? This is a quality issue which is much harder [...]
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Gaining user experience for improving business software

How often have I not heard comments from fellow developers, like: "That's designed for consumers; we make business software." What this implies is that users of business software tolerate a lower usability level. Yet, when you come right down to it, both consumers and business workers are basically people using software. Admittedly, these target groups [...]
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Get your agents on board

One of the most controversial issues in a contact center is the scheduling of shifts, especially when a center works outside the regular nine-to-five working hours and weekends. Then we have to deal with evening shifts, and very often, overnight shifts as well. Generally these are not very popular with agents. They’re off when most [...]
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The Rise of the Millennials

No. This is not the movie sequel to “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”. Who are "the millennials" and why should you, as a contact center manager care? The millennials, better known as “Gen Y,” are young persons with birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. This is the first [...]
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