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Customers more savvy than agents? Get a grip on agent-skill training!

Customers are increasingly using different communication channels to contact organizations. Some of these customers are pretty savvy, knowing more than your employees or agents. Yet this doesn’t preclude them from demanding top service: on the contrary! Talk about being put on the spot and being on your toes. For anyone working in customer servicing, it’s [...]
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Part 3: Why do WFM projects fail? – And what to do?

Part three, the final in our three-part series: Hello again! Two weeks ago, we recommended that the properly skilled people be in place prior to automated WFM startup. Last week’s posting advised taking it easy and not biting off more than you can chew: i.e. slow and steady wins the race. Just like you shouldn’t [...]
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Part 2: Why do WFM projects fail? – And what to do?

Part two of our three-part series: Welcome back! Last week, we discussed the necessity of having properly skilled people in place prior to implementing automated workforce management  (WFM). Often, WFM failure is due to the lack of being properly prepared at the outset! This week we discuss the concept of taking it nice and easy; [...]
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Part 1: Why do WFM projects fail? – And what to do?

Part one of our three-part series: Many in the WFM field have seen it happen time and time again: companies implement a WFM program in their contact center. Yet, come six months later and the software just sits there, unused, with everything running exactly the same way as before. Inefficiencies run rampant once again, with [...]
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Forecasting & scheduling for social media – not so tricky

Nowadays, a social media channel is a part of any organizations' customer service. It doesn’t replace traditional customer service channels. It’s, in fact, becoming an increasingly important part of an organization’s overall approach to serving and communicating with customers. It won’t replace call-center channels, such as telephone or e-mail, but rather become yet an additional [...]
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WFM and driving change in organizations

Implementing a workforce-management system within an organization is a great opportunity to analyze and re-think current operational processes across departments with a new eye so as to gain efficiency − not only in terms of staffing costs, but also in terms of processes. It’s very common that questions arise during workshops with our WFM consultants; [...]
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WFM in an omni-channel world

During the short 30-minute train ride to the airport this morning, I used my phone, e-mail, SMS, Facebook, chat, and face-to-face talk for interaction. Thirty minutes; six different channels! A tech-savvy millennial would probably have used even more. Matt Sims wrote on his Teleperformance blog: “Multichannel customer service isn’t innovation; it’s simply what customers expect [...]
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Neither Avatar nor Terminator: WFM automation somewhere in the middle

The movie Avatar is about powerfully-engineered, living entities. Trained humans are electronically linked to its own “avatar” thereby controlling its every move. Whatever the human instructs, the avatar does it faster and more powerfully. Unplugged, their avatar ceases to function. In the movie, The Terminator, the terminator is also an engineered creature, but, contrary to [...]
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