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Welcome to the Calabrio Academy

The Calabrio Academy is our video self-service library. These videos offer engaging growth opportunities for the entire contact center community. Learning has never been easier. Check out how to achieve excellent customer service, how to build a better team, how to better understand your analytics and much more!



The Secret to Understanding Analytics

Our featured video comes from our Analytics for the Masses channel and explains the non-technical secret to understanding analytics and why it’s had such a rise in popularity.

Building a Better Team

Employee engagement is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing – and most important – areas within the contact center. What are you doing to make sure your agents are engaged? Build a Better Team is a place for leaders to learn how to create an environment that fosters growth of both individuals and the organization as a whole.

The Customer Experience Help Desk

Customer Experience is something everyone -from the CEO to the newest hire- should be focused on. A positive customer experience is critical for your organization’s success. Learn tips and tricks of the trade you and your agents can put to work right away.

Analytics for the Masses

Big data and analytics are omnipresent. Don’t just marvel when it works; instead, understand it and give both you and your organization a leg up.  Analytics for the Masses is where our experts breakdown big data concepts into easy to comprehend bite-sized videos. Armed with the fundamentals, you’ll be better able to make data driven decisions. No prior analytics experience is needed.

You + Calabrio

Calabrio offers many technical solutions to help you do your job better but keeping up with them all is a challenge. Calabrio + You is a collection of examples of how Calabrio can help elevate your contact center to the center of customer and employee engagement for your organization. From how to use the entire suite, to best practices for success, to use cases and case studies, to creative suggestions on how to use Calabrio ONE – find it all here.

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