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Promoting Openness and Flexibility: Calabrio and Genesys Engage

Promoting Openness and Flexibility: Calabrio and Genesys Engage

Calabrio is a company that has thrived through strategic partnerships. Whether long-term partnerships like Cisco or Avaya, or newer collaborations with Amazon Connect, Twilio or UJET, we deliver value to customers by making the connection between their on-premises or cloud contact center to our leading workforce engagement management platform.

We see our services through the lenses of openness and flexibility — we want to work with what you have, not the other way around. Our recent Evolving World of Work study highlights the need for such flexibility; seventy percent of contact center managers expect customers will demand multiple forms of communication beyond voice.

With these goals in mind, today we’re announcing a new partnership with Genesys®, centered around the Genesys Engage™ solution. With its newly containerized multicloud architecture built using open standards, it’s now simpler for organizations to build a rich multivendor ecosystem and tailor their infrastructure, deployment and management models to fit their business.

You can learn more about the partnership in the official Genesys release. We’ll unveil more details about the integration from our side in the coming months. Until then, check out our Calabrio ONE overview page to learn about what we offer, and send us a message if you have any questions!

Calabrio is a trusted ally to leading brands. The digital foundation of a customer-centric contact centre, the Calabrio ONE workforce performance suite helps enrich and understand human interactions, empowering your contact centre as a brand guardian. We maximise agent performance, exceed customer expectations, and boost workforce efficiency using connected data, AI-fueled analytics, automated workforce management, and personalised coaching. Only Calabrio ONE unites workforce optimisation (WFO), agent engagement, and business intelligence solutions into a true-cloud, fully integrated suite that adapts to your business. For customers and partners.
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