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Introducing the First Analytics-Fueled Customer Experience Intelligence Suite

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AI-powered analysis of customer data collected across various communication channels—website, chat, text, social and the contact center—promises to deliver compelling insights that enrich human interactions.

While 93 percent of marketers and customer experience leaders believe delivering a seamless, quality experience is important, only 45 percent think they’re very effective at it.

That all changes with the latest version of Calabrio ONE. It features a reimagined user interface (UI), and embeds voice-of-the-customer analytics and visual discovery into the entire workforce optimization (WFO) suite. Our new version enables business users to intuitively consume and act upon data with more ease and precision to achieve deeper levels of insight—driving a superior customer experience.

Our latest release of Calabrio ONE sets a new standard for ease of use, intelligence and customizability. New visualization and analytics capabilities include:

  • AI-powered enterprise KPIs with clear visualizations that show users exactly how they’re performing against their goals.
  • A more holistic view of customer interactions by displaying sentiment analysis along with the transcription during playback.
  • A reimagined user experience, including a vertically oriented media player that allows users to consume information like they do with social media feeds, text threads and mobile webpages.
  • An increased ability to filter and drill into data, seamlessly view interactions behind the data and then immediately take action.

We are fundamentally changing the way organizations work and access the voice of the customer. Now everyone—regardless of their experience with analytics—can easily illuminate compelling insights from data to inspire better human interactions and improve the customer experience.


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