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Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud

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Our 23-piece buyer’s toolkit includes a rich
selection of content covering:

Cloud Contact Center Basics

4 Myths About On-Prem Contact Centers

You don’t want to be one of the 25% of contact centers that still haven’t transitioned any critical customer or agent operations to the cloud.

Cloud-Powered Contact Centers Do It Better

We at Calabrio know cloud is the better choice—not an equal option to on-prem—for all customer service organizations.

Cloud Empowers Managers to Lead Better

Only cloud can help managers nimbly steer their teams through—and protect their CX during—the unpredictable era in which we find ourselves.

Cloud Empowers Agents to Deliver a Better CX

Modern cloud WFM platforms can give agents the flexibility and autonomy they need to stay motivated and uphold high levels of service quality.

Cloud Gives Customers the Service They Want

A cloud-based CX can give contact center leaders a true, 360-degree view of customers.

The Truth About Cloud Data Security

Debunking Common Data Security Myths

Calabrio security experts sift through the confusion and provide insightful advice about cloud data security and compliance.

Keeping Up with Contact Center Cloud Security

What you need to know to make sure you choose a truly secure cloud-based platform for your contact center operations.

How the Cloud Uplevels Agent Skills

Cloud Is the Catalyst for Better Education in the Contact Center

Cloud enables a variety of significant agent training and coaching benefits that on-prem simply can’t match.

Cloud Promotes Better, More Effective New Hire Curriculum

Cloud-based contact center and training apps significantly enhance and expand what’s possible when it comes to agent training and coaching.

Cloud Fosters Better Real-Time Coaching and Continual Development

Cloud-based apps drive amplified, ongoing education that keeps agents highly skilled and able to adapt to any number of changing scenarios.

Cloud Better Prepares Teams for Whatever Tomorrow Brings

Cloud better prepares teams for whatever comes next—something we’ve all learned is a criticality given everything that’s happened in the last few years.

Important Considerations You May Not Have Thought About Yet

Make Moving to the Cloud Even Easier

Four tried-and-true ideas that can help you finally overcome any lingering fears about migrating to the cloud.

True Cloud vs Fake (Hosted) Cloud

Many WFO providers who market themselves as “cloud” aren’t actually true cloud solutions.

A Guide to Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Detailed answers to common cloud questions from leading solution providers.

What’s *Too Much* Downtime?

Assess if vendors will schedule an intolerable amount of planned daily or weekly downtime that could jeopardize your operations, customer experiences, and business.

Real Stories of Contact Center Success in the Cloud

4 Examples of Cloud ROI

Real-life examples of how four forward-looking contact centers use our true-cloud solution to drive efficiencies, improve agent performance, and more.

GE Appliances

Leaders paired Calabrio WFM with Amazon Connect to grow contact center efficiencies despite a pandemic-spurred volume increase and shift to remote work.

Delta Airlines

Its contact center migrated WFM to the Microsoft Azure Cloud and charted a new course for real-time adaptivity, 24/7 functionality, and expansion.

Greater Western Water

Contact center leaders empowered hybrid working and in-house PCI regulatory compliance processes with cloud-based WFM.


The cloud helped Assurity dramatically improve answer times and decrease wait times after a fourfold increase in agents.

Leading Home Loan/Mortgage Broker

Their highly customizable dashboards provide a single, cloud-based view of contact center performance.

Support Services Group

This business process outsourcing company gained the flexibility it needed to power a large, complex contact center and future business expansion thanks to real-time, cloud WFM.

Credit Union of Colorado

Adopting the cloud and Calabrio Analytics helped this credit union save money and improve agent performance.

Pick a Cloud You Can Trust

Visit the Calabrio Trust Center to find out how we stay firmly committed to your data’s security and privacy.

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