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Bluegrass Cellular Uses Analytics to Foster Genuine Customer Interactions


Decrease in number of
insincere agent apologies


Decrease in number of
escalated calls 


Decrease in number of
formal customer complaints


Increase in
rep satisfaction

At a Glance

Company Bluegrass Cellular

Industry Wireless Telecommunications

Location United States

Products Used Calabrio Quality Management & Analytics

About Bluegrass Cellular

By offering the features and benefits of a national provider while maintaining the customer-first mentality of a local business, Bluegrass Cellular maintains the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any carrier in its Central Kentucky locale.

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Creative speech analysis and apology training nearly halves call escalations while increasing agent satisfaction


They were right. After running various “sorry” phrases used by agents —e.g. “I’m sorry about that,” “I’m sorry,” “Sorry about that,” “Sorry”—through Calabrio Speech Analytics to understand the perceived strength and sincerity of existing agent apologies, contact center leaders discovered that well-intended representatives repeatedly used the phrases simply as a way to pause the conversation—not as a sincere apology.


Using the “Meaningful Apology” skills learned at ICMI, they quickly built and delivered to the entire contact center team a custom training program that features tangible examples of appropriate apologies and teaches them how to acknowledge the issue or concern experienced by the customer, briefly explain what caused it and deliver a genuine expression of remorse.

Agents requiring additional guidance also receive individualized training sessions for their specific needs.

It’s a lost opportunity if you have half a million recorded calls within your grasp and don’t have a tool enabling you to use it to achieve actionable improvements.”

Robin Fentress –
Director of Customer Support, Bluegrass Cellular


The new program immediately shrank the number of insincere apologies delivered by agents by a whopping 40%. By reassuring customers their concerns have been heard and understood—and clearly communicating how Bluegrass Cellular will resolve them quickly and completely—call escalations decreased by 45%, formal customer complaints decreased by 43% and rep satisfaction grew by 26%.

In fact, the meaningful apology training program developed by contact center leaders proved itself so beneficial, it’s become required curriculum for all new hires at Bluegrass Cellular.

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