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Bot Analytics, formerly known as Wysdom, was purchased by Calabrio in 2023.

Wysdom helps a major Canadian telecom save over $13M annually




Customer message understanding


Customer positive feedback rate

When the new managers took over operations of a major Canadian telecom’s virtual assistant program, they challenged Wysdom to come up with a plan that would significantly reduce call centre costs.

“The opportunity for the virtual assistant to perform more advanced tasks like checking balances, extending payment deadlines and topping up data was there. These tasks could save their company a lot of money by reducing live chat volume.” said Ian Collins, Wysdom CEO.

“It would be a better experience for customers that would cost less and be easier for their company to deliver.”

The company uses Wysdom’s Managed Chatbot Operations to outsource many of the most difficult day-to-day virtual assistant tasks. Working together, Wysdom succeeded across the board, and then some.

Project goals

  1. Improve user experience by increasing the customer message understanding rate by 10%
  2. Increase customer positive feedback rate by 50%
  3. Reduce contact centre costs by increasing containment (successfully resolving a problem without a live agent) to 50%

How things stood:

  • 24% containment
  • 84% customer message understanding
  • 60% customer positive feedback rate

The approach

We used our proprietary Conversation Analytics software to deep dive into customer conversations with their virtual assistant – and identify 370 content gaps (when a chatbot could have answered a question had it been programmed to respond). We then quickly created over 200 new intents and responses, leveraging 75,000 phrases from the Wysdom Exchange to rapidly upgrade the system.

Finally, we connected these customer experiences to their key internal systems. The upgrades let the virtual assistant independently provide personalized info, check balances, top up data plans, grant payment extensions and so much more.

With these enhancements in place, the company started heavily promoting the virtual assistant on their websites, apps and social media channels.

The impact

To date, the telecom’s chatbot has saved the company over $13 million annually. But more importantly, their customers have noticed a difference. Our consistent monitoring, training and management of the virtual assistant increased the positive rating per review from 60% to 92%. And we’ve kept it there.

Moving forward

The company has a virtual assistant that is able to understand what customers are trying to accomplish, perform a large number of sales and customer service duties, and when appropriate, intelligently hand customers off to human agents.

Next up for this major telecom is to train the virtual assistant to perform more sales functions, analyze live customer behaviour to recommend products and services, and connect to more internal systems to perform even more advanced functions.

Looking to supercharge your chatbot?

Most chatbot implementations will fail to meet business needs, unless they are continuously optimized and tuned to your customers’ natural language, intents and KPIs.

With our managed chatbot operations, Wysdom can guarantee you that your chatbot will meet or exceed the mutually agreed KPIs.

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