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The New Calabrio ONE: Agility for the Modern Contact Center

A new era requires a new approach to the contact center experience.

We have all seen our fair share of challenges this year. Everyone is adapting to a new normal, and that means contact centers must deal with increased demands for flexibility and agility. From the C-Suite, to the workforce management specialist, to the contact center director — each member of the service team needs support to navigate this new era.

We want to provide solutions that let you prepare for whatever comes next. That’s why we are announcing the unveiling of a new Calabrio ONE — powered by the cloud with next-generation workforce management software at its center.

The Challenges of a New Era

We are committed to helping you resolve the specific challenges of this new era. Whether you are a C-level executive looking to keep up with new innovations, a contact center director trying to retain employees or a workforce management specialist seeking more flexibility in scheduling — we’ve designed the new Calabrio ONE just for you.

The new Calabrio ONE is here

red graphic symbolizing importance to keeping up the pace in an ever-changing world

Keeping up with
the pace of change

For executives, the world dramatically changed in terms of both customer behavior and internal operations. Keeping up with the pace of change is critical.

With the new Calabrio ONE suite, you obtain a single source of truth about the full customer journey and contact center-performance.  Understand your customer’s behaviors and needs—and develop a strategy to respond accordingly.

red graphic demonstrating the importance of retaining employees

Retain employees while satisfying customers

Contact center directors want to know if they’re doing enough from a people, tools, processes perspective to respond to the current environment. Doing enough to retain employees while continuing to meet customer needs is a tough balance.

The new Calabrio ONE enables you with the advanced schedule and work rule optimization to manage the complexity of balancing efficient, omnichannel customer engagement with the increasing needs of your remote frontline team.

red graphic showing adaptability of Calabrio ONE

Adapting to the needs of a remote workforce

For the workforce management specialist, it’s a challenge to account for a workforce that isn’t all in one place. A human-centric solution that accounts for personal obligations and situations with remote-based employees would greatly help.

In the new Calabrio ONE, empowering employees with tools that allow them to have more autonomy in their schedule fosters a more flexible working environment which increases employee morale and decreases attrition, especially important when teams are missing that in-person contact.

The Capabilities of a Fully Integrated Workforce Engagement Suite

You get more WFM than ever...

Forecast future results more effectively

It takes time for WFM analysts to learn the unique patterns in contact volume—the daily and seasonal ebbs and flows. Moreover, these patterns are shifting faster than ever, with emergent issues driving one-off trends that break the mold.

Pulling together data streams from across the contact center, granular forecasting designed for the world of multichannel communications and the multi-skilled agent enables organizations to better anticipate changes and prepare.

Make employee schedules more dynamic and accessible

When the unpredictable impacts service levels, new intraday dynamic scheduling tools can adjust agent schedules in real time. These dynamic scheduling tools instantly optimize agent lunches and breaks to better align with shifts in predicted call volume.

They also enable WFM analysts to easily open up overtime opportunities to meet surging volume—and to offer voluntary time-off (VTO) during unexpected slow periods, because overstaffing can be almost as costly as understaffing.

Embrace intelligent automation

The future of workforce management is rooted in solutions that unify and simplify contact center processes. As more data is collected there is the opportunity to, use these large data sets to drive immediate, intelligent action. Especially important with the added complexity of modern, hybrid service operations.

Increased automation and virtual assistant technology enables the operations team to achieve more, while doing less. This is all driven by real-time monitoring so that service levels and customer experience are never in jeopardy.

female agent celebrating workforce management
Male agent celebrating workforce management

...and more than just WFM.

Unlock insights with integrated intelligence

The world of remote work requires more intelligence than ever. The new Calabrio ONE elevates a fully integrated workforce engagement management (WEM) solution with seamlessly embedded analytics tools across the suite. Illuminate compelling, AI-driven insights—and put them into action to enrich human interactions.

Calabrio ONE empowers every user—from the C-Suite to the contact center agent— to gain valuable insights and make unique KPIs more accessible, more relevant and more usable.

Enhance reporting and data collection

Break down data silos and end the headaches of patching together disparate contact center data. With Calabrio Data Management and Data Explorer, you can create a single view of your data from across the organization.

Integrate customer interaction data from inside and outside of the contact center—including critical data streams such as ACD, WFO, CRM, HRMS and ERP—and unify it into intelligent visualizations and dashboards that are easily accessed and shared across the enterprise for powerful decision-making.

Harmonize your disparate systems

Contact center operations need to be more connected than ever before. In the new Calabrio ONE, quality management and the next-generation workforce management live in a unified suite of optimization solutions. Communication between WFM and QA modules is vital in this system — it’s a mutually beneficial partnership.

Check out some use cases that show how you can connect QA and WFM to improve the contact center experience.

“More automation, more scheduling optimization, more agent self-service – Calabrio’s new solution offers the fully loaded workforce management we need to stay ahead, and the flexibility to handle complexity more easily. And all part of our Calabrio suite!”

“My team and I already love using Calabrio ONE, but this new product is going to take the opportunities of the suite to the next level for us. Bring it on!”

“We cannot wait!  Peckham has been on Calabrio Teleopti WFM Platform for just over 3 years now and just over a year ago, we purchased Calabrio Analytics (just prior to the acquisition announcement).  As a customer utilizing each platform, we were very excited to see that Calabrio is taking the best of each platform to give birth to the next-gen WFO platform!  We feel this will only enhance our goals.”

“I am very excited for all that the new, integrated Calabrio WFM platform will have. It’s difficult to narrow it down. But I can see great uses for the new intraday management and real-time adherence features. The increased detail and control we will have as we more specifically configure the system to our needs – that I can’t wait for!”

“We are very excited about the features in the new Calabrio WFM. Among some of the features that will help us be more productive while providing agents the views into their service queue and team staffing–a much-requested item–are more granular forecasting, advanced permissions, and a more robust way to look at adherence. As we are a non-traditional contact center, having the ability to create custom skills and grouping as well as filters on the fly for quick what-if analysis will be a game-changer.”

Empower, Educate and Lead the Modern Workforce

The new Calabrio ONE will be the world’s leading WEM solution centered around employee empowerment, intelligent process automation, customized reporting and AI-driven predictions. Ready to support whether workforce is at home, on-site or a hybrid mix.

Graphic symbolizing working with a team to empower agents

Grant autonomy to your workforce

As contact centers have transitioned to remote workplaces, some employees have expressed a desire to work more, while others have certain times they cannot work.  Some employees have or need more flexibility now that they are working from home, and you’ll need to address that. With self-scheduling, agents can change their lunch and break times on the day and for upcoming 7 days, with no need for manual managerial approvals.

Empowering employees with tools that allow them to have more autonomy in their schedule fosters a more flexible working environment which increases employee morale and decreases attrition, especially important when teams are missing that in-person contact.

red graphic showing benefits of performance coaching

Effectively coach and develop remote employees

Increase transparency and communication with personalized, self-service dashboards and analytics-driven results available throughout the Calabrio ONE suite. Analytics include automated voice-of-the-customer and voice-of-the-employee insights such as AI-powered sentiment analysis and predictive evaluation scores which help target agent gap areas and see those agents in need of training and from there, what kind of training is needed based on interaction insights and patterns.

It is easier for supervisors and managers to quickly spot coaching opportunities and really target training efforts to those that need it – whether it’s coaching around positive-rather-than-negative language or technical expertise that needs to be built up.

Red graphic showing easy communication with WFM solution

Manage work challenges from home

Within the next-generation WFM solution, real-time adherence technology monitors agent adherence to schedules and compares them with the live ACD status. Automated alarms flag up when schedules are in danger of being breached and a real-time data feed, updated in seconds. Interaction insights, live screen recording and desktop analytics from the rest of the Calabrio ONE suite allow you to quickly dig into the “why.”

Having insight into how employees are performing, no matter where they are working will both optimize management processes  while also ensuring challenges are quickly addressed.

Listen to Ronald Van Loon’s insights on
the impact of virtual assistants on next-gen workforce experiences

The cloud advantage

We have led and continue to lead workforce engagement management in the cloud. As a cloud-first platform, the new Calabrio ONE gives modern contact centers the agility and freedom to meet the moment:

  • Scale your business to as big or small as you need
  • Leverage cloud-based AI and ML applications to unlock data-driven insights, predict trends and drive proactive changes
  • Reinvent your digital infrastructure and capabilities in an instant, without a massive capital investment

Build your perfect, personalized technology stack with the seamless ease of native cloud-to-cloud integrations.

Man celebrating the Calabrio cloud advantage

We look ahead to help you meet the moment.

4-time Visionary in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Workforce Engagement Management

Meeting the Needs of the Modern Contact Center

As contact centers face evolving challenges and increasing demands, rapid innovation in WFO technology promises to rise to the occasion and help achieve an elevated approach. You can seek out the leading-edge tools that are driving transformational WFO best practices in some of the most innovative contact centers. And you can find a true WFO solutions partner to help you maximize the value of those tools and achieve the outcomes that matter most for your business.

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