Calabrio Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave Workforce Optimization

Calabrio Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Workforce Optimization Suites, Q3 2016

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Calabrio named WFO leader in 2016 Forrester Wave

Workforce optimization (WFO), at its core, is how companies capture customer service interactions in order to increase agent performance and engagement, and provide superior experiences for customers. WFO is the enabling technology for how brands listen to the voice of their customers; the right WFO suite can make the difference between a reactive, passive team, and a strategic, highly-trained department that anticipates the needs of customers and adjusts in real-time. At Calabrio, it has always been our priority to help clients deliver on their customer service promises. That’s why we are incredibly pleased to be named a “Leader” by Forrester Research in “The Forrester Wave™: Workforce Optimization Suites, Q3 2016” report.

Forrester Wave Workforce Optimization Suites 2016The Forrester Wave™ is an independent analysis of the technology products and services available in a particular industry, and it evaluates a number of vendor solutions based on specific criteria. Calabrio’s highest-ranked categories included interaction recording, performance management, customer satisfaction, corporate strategy and supporting products and services. To those who know us, it’s no surprise—that’s because we always answer the call for our customers with better service and a continuously improved product offering. Our vision from day one was to transform the contact center into a value center for the business.

It’s the constant commitment to our mission that has strengthened relationships with our customers and ultimately made Calabrio a leader in the industry. According to Forrester, “Calabrio offers customers both ‘Minnesota nice’ and a truly unified WFO suite. Unlike most other vendors in this Forrester Wave, Minneapolis, MN-based Calabrio built the components of its suite in-house with no acquisitions…The [Minnesota-based] company prides itself on its customer-friendly model. As a customer put it, ‘It’s not just the technology; its way that Calabrio actually listens to you.’”

Our clients want to hear what their customers have to say, make the changes necessary to stay on top of an industry and spur the brand toward growth, and invest the right resources in the right solution to deliver the ultimate customer experience. We’re committed to helping them meet their goals and proud of this important distinction in our market.

Download your copy of the Forrester Wave™ report.

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