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My Life, MyTime

Calabrio WFM Mytime Self-service mobile app portal

Calabrio’s employee-empowering self-service portal, which supports company needs and efficiency goals, can be accessed almost anywhere via mobile apps (IOS/Android) or any web-based devices. Whether at work or home, Calabrio WFM MyTime allows agents to stay informed of their upcoming schedules, and any changes. MyTime creates a direct communication pathway between supervisors, resource planners and agents to provide cross-organization coordination aimed at ensuring targeted service levels.

Work-life balance in Focus

MyTime goes beyond efficient scheduling by helping agents maintain a healthy work-life balance and supporting contact centers with part-time workers to target variable demand traffic. Agents can set preferences and submit overtime availability as well as trade shifts and request vacation or absences, all from MyTime, increasing employee engagement and loyalty.

Key features of MyTime mobile app: 

  • Allows native push notifications for quick and simple communication
  • Well-structured, process-driven pages
  • Intuitive user interface, optimized for use with one thumb
  • Industry-standard technology, acceptable to almost all IT departments
  • Web-based pages so all updates occur server side

Snapshot of MyTime's self-service app

red graphic of self-scheduling calendar

Maintain a unified workforce

Ensure schedule information is up to date and synchronized so that everyone is working with one common picture of the contact center operations, whether an agent, manager or planner. A unified, open and transparent schedule lends itself to higher accuracy and less confusion or mistakes.

red graphic of recycling to show fluidity

Give control, gain engagement

Humanize the scheduling process by empowering your agents: Keep agents informed of their upcoming schedule, allow them take action, whether that’s requesting time off or trading a shift. Motivation equally comes via Gamification as agents can see their own KPIs, view their team leaderboard and earn badges and rewards.

red graphic of a cell phone to represent ease of use

Embrace automated efficiency

The system can be set to automatically approve or deny shift requests and trades, based on skill-traffic demand, so planners can focus on business needs and analytics rather than administration. Nurture a culture where your company embraces variation as a natural part of working day life; no longer carrying the stress of manual checks & authorizations.

red graphic symbolizing reducing stress with MyTime app

Reduce stress

Agents don’t have to worry about out-of-date date schedules or wait too long for request decisions, nor do Resource Planners have to stress about agents not showing up for shifts without proper warning. Agents can report all absences/illness through MyTime, meaning planners and supervisors are instantly updated, ready to act and optimize the day’s activities.

red graphic of efficiency for teams

Drive a thoughtful, responsive culture

Build the technology into your contact center that supports both a proactive and reactive company culture. A culture where people communicate efficiently with each other via in-app messaging, and where issues occur (it is natural), the whole team can be responsive and still meet customers how and where they need to be met.

red graphic showing ease of implementation

Benefit from easy implementation

The MyTime app and portal operates via standard web-based technologies, rolled out by simple configurations, all whilst maintaining high security levels. No stress. For more on how to use the MyTime agent self-service mobile app, you can visit our how-to videos in the customer center that walk you through the simple steps and requirements (login required).

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