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Calabrio Makes Voice of the Customer an Accessible Dimension of Big Data

Calabrio Speech Analytics makes it easy to reveal meaningful customer insights in otherwise complex data initiatives

Minneapolis, MN — Calabrio, Inc., a leading provider of contact center workforce optimization and analytics software, today announced its Calabrio Speech Analytics solution is helping businesses make it easy to incorporate voice analytics as part of their big data initiatives. As businesses look for customer insight from multiple interaction channels and data streams, they can be flooded with large volumes of data and overwhelmed with how to make sense of it. Calabrio is attacking the problem with a simple solution for processing the most complex of data, which is voice, to present collective patterns and valuable business insights found in the real, spoken customer conversations happening in the contact center.

“User-centric analytic solutions that streamline filtering, mining and exploration activities are differentiating the big data marketplace, and organizations will continue to turn to these solutions as they build the foundation for big data initiatives,” said Denis Pombriant, managing principal at Beagle Research. “Tools that enable businesses to easily find, organize and extract knowledge from traditionally unstructured data—such as voice transactions—are a crucial step in managing big data.”

Calabrio Speech Analytics provides businesses with user-centric, powerful tools to manage and analyze their customer conversations to achieve greater insight into sales and marketing effectiveness, compliance, quality and accuracy. As a result, Calabrio customers are turning to the analysis of voice transactions to solve business problems that were eluded by traditional data analysis. Some examples and benefits include:

  • Increased customer loyalty and revenue: An online retailer was experiencing a high volume of cancellations for orders placed through their contact center, which posed a significant threat to recurring revenue. Evaluation of CRM records did not reveal patterns that provided insight early enough for corrective actions to be effective. By adding the element of voice analysis to order-taking conversations, this business is analyzing thousands of daily calls and extracting what agents and customers are saying to indicate possible defections, including common objections, competitive mentions, cancellation threats and more.
  • Margin Protection: Finding the right balance between customer incentives and margin protection can be tricky. This manufacturer sought to uphold customer satisfaction by empowering agents to present coupons and other special incentives as a remedy for customer issues, yet they needed a system of checks and balances so agents had guidance and direction about when such offers were truly required. By applying voice analysis to customer service transactions, this business is correlating coupon and incentive offers to the root cause of complaints. This allows the business to provide clear direction to agents so they can remain empowered while still protecting margin.
  • Increased compliance and risk mitigation: Failure to follow approved scripts for student recruitment can be damaging to for-profit universities. Multiple infractions pose a risk to federal aid for student loans, not to mention loss of reputation. This online university was attempting to monitor compliance through random manual review, yet had the capability to listen to less than 1% of the 70,000 daily incoming calls. Today, Calabrio Speech Analytics automatically captures and analyzes 100% of all calls, revealing those which require further training.

“Speech analysis is not new, nor is the concept of leveraging voice as a big data stream,” said Tom Goodmanson, president and CEO of Calabrio. “What is unique is Calabrio’s ability to make the power of voice, arguably the richest and most complex data stream for a business, the simplest for a business to leverage. By mining the true voice of the customer to reveal business issues and opportunities, our customers enrich their big data initiatives where it makes the most sense to begin – in the contact center.”

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