Republic Services Increases Sales and Revenue with Calabrio ONE - Calabrio


INDUSTRY: Waste and Recycling Services

SEATS: Multi-site, 1,600 seats and growing

VOLUME: 14M calls per year

PRODUCTS USED: Calabrio Quality Management, Calabrio Workforce Management


Needed a scalable customer engagement solution to support multiple contact centers at a fast growing company.


With Calabrio ONE, Republic Services correlates quality scores with sales numbers to motivate agents and drive revenue growth.

Republic Services Increases Sales and Revenue with Calabrio ONE


Waste Solutions Company drives growth through quality initiatives

Calabrio ONE helps streamline multiple contact centers at growing company


It’s a dirty job, but Republic Services is happy to do it. Managing over half of America’s refuse each year, Republic Services is an innovative waste solutions corporation that operates in 40 states across the country. They provide an array of solid waste services including collection, recycling, composting, transfer and disposal to industrial, commercial, municipal and residential customers. The company prides itself on its sustainability efforts, strives to continually enhance vendor, employee and community relationships, and maintains an ever-impressive level of customer service standards. Because Republic Services partners with municipalities across the country, chances are, you are being serviced by a Republic Services branded company or one of the many locally branded subsidiaries of Republic Services.


Republic Services supports customers in 2,800 cities across the United States and fields more than 14 million customer service inquiries each year. The company operates across a broad foundation of divisions and partnerships, resulting in a diverse and dispersed workforce across the country. Strategically this is important for the company as they pride themselves on maintaining a strong local presence within each community that they service. However, it also presented a challenge in maintaining a consistent level of quality assurance and customer service levels in their contact centers across the organization. Many locations have been established through acquisitions, requiring changes in tools and process to achieve seamless integration. Republic Services needed a solution to establish a base point to gauge critical metrics moving forward and to streamline and assess performance as the company continues to grow.


Republic Services’ unique IT needs meant the answer to their growing pains had to be nimble, smart and forward-thinking. Their long list of requirements inevitably produced many meetings with prospective vendors, but ultimately, their solution was clear. Republic Services chose to integrate Calabrio Quality Management and Workforce Management with the Calabrio ONE suite. Not only was Calabrio ONE fully integrated with their IT hardware, it was scalable for long-term growth. Republic Services was able to score multichannel customer interactions with Calabrio Quality Management and support staffing efforts in their growing contact center with Calabrio Workforce Management. The integrated Calabrio ONE suite provides flexibility and the peace-of-mind that their needs are covered no matter where their business takes them.


Implementing Calabrio ONE gave Republic Services quick results. As the company streamlined call center operations, oversights and gaps in their delivery processes were revealed. With Calabrio Quality Management, Republic Services was able to develop superior training and development programs. “As agents saw their QM scores improve they were also able to see a similar uptick in their sales and revenue numbers as well,” said Doug Saunders, IT Director for Republic Services. “This has led to new growth and advancement opportunities for the agents, and really, has fostered a more professional workplace environment.” Republic Services also found that the Calabrio Quality Management solution helped them deliver stronger customer loyalty with customers across the board. From municipalities to commercial customers to individual residents, the company found they were better able to meet their customers’ service needs with the Calabrio ONE suite.

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