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Activity Notes: A New Way to Track Special Events in Calabrio WFM

Activity Notes: A New Way to Track Special Events in Calabrio WFM

While organizations are operating in various off-premises locations, the need for transparency, preparedness and communication increases. Our customers have been angling for an option to log actions that don’t fall within standard parameters. With this goal in mind, we’re launching a new feature for Calabrio WFM and Calabrio ONE customers: Activity Notes.

The Activity Note feature provides users (analysts, TLs, RTAs) with the ability to add free form and customizable text to activities within the WFM suite. These activities can include schedule elements that provide the agent with additional information on upcoming events. Managers can add Activity Notes before the schedule is run or in agent schedules after the schedule is created.

Increasing Preparedness for the Unknown

Activity Notes provide the organization with the ability to improve communication by ensuring employees are prepared for upcoming meetings. This will help employee’s preparedness prior to meetings and improve ongoing communication with analysts. Before going into a team meeting or individual meeting, everyone should be prepared and understand what will be covered.

You can also tag the reasons for certain exceptions with Activity Notes. Perhaps someone was late to a meeting because they missed the bus, or needed to handle urgent child care needs. Those notes can add useful context to actions within the WFM platform. Agents can view all notes attached to exceptions and projects in My Schedule, so they have relevant information about all events (agendas, instructions, etc.)

Adding Important Details for Context

When scheduling events, like training or other meetings, it’s often important to provide details or additional information when scheduling the event so everyone is prepared. This helps avoid wasting the early part of meetings making sure everyone has the needed items.

Analysts can add a customizable note to exceptions or projects to ensure agents and employees are prepared for activities where additional communication is needed. Additionally, WFM specialists and analysts can now provide these details without having to make new exceptions for every meeting or project. Since Activity Notes are customizable, analysts can have one team meeting set up on the Exceptions page and have different notes for each instance, which allows for easier management.

Activity Notes are now available in Calabrio Cloud, and soon for Calabrio ONE on-premise. For more information on setting them up, visit the Customer Success Center.

Magnus Geverts is the Vice President of Product Marketing at Calabrio.
Magnus Geverts is the Vice President of Product Marketing at Calabrio. He has over two decades of experience in the workforce engagement management and customer service space, working in a mix of roles and departments across the world: from R&D to consultancy to his role as Chief Business Development Officer at Teleopti. Today, he oversees Calabrio’s product go-to-market efforts. Magnus works closely with product line managers who shape the roadmap and strategies for the full Calabrio suite and oversees the product marketing team to offer software that enables users, engages frontline employees and elevates the end-customer experience.
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