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C3 2017 Speaker Spotlight: : Q&A with Ellen Hatton, Risk Oversight Manager, J.D. Byrider

C3 2017 Speaker Spotlight: : Q&A with Ellen Hatton, Risk Oversight Manager, J.D. Byrider

Here’s another installment of our Calabrio Customer Connect (C3) 2017 Speaker Spotlight series.

Ellen Hatton, risk oversight manager at J.D. Byrider, will share her story of moving from manual quality assurance scoring and processes to Calabrio Quality Management (QM), October 1‑4 at Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa in Las Vegas.

Name: Ellen Hatton

Company: J.D. Byrider

Title: Risk Oversight Manager

Years of Experience: 1.5 years with J.D. Byrider, 8 years in the financial services industry

Q: What are you most looking forward to for C3 2017 and why?

Ellen: I am looking forward to engaging with other users now that I have more experience with Calabrio. I have so many questions for more seasoned users on how we can mature our process and mine some of our data going forward. There are so many experienced quality professionals at C3! I’d really like to get feedback about our process and hopefully take away lots of ideas for improvements.

Q: What are you passionate about?

Ellen: Inside the contact center, I’m passionate about providing the best service possible to my business partners. Quality as a shared service is about building a partnership with the contact center and maintaining that relationship to keep the process valuable. Delivering a service and scorecard that was thoughtfully developed with buy-in and input from the business is always my goal. That, and keeping my employees engaged and happy!

Outside of the contact center, I love spending time with my family—my daughter Anna and my partner Aaron. We go on lots of adventures together.

Q: Why should people attend your session? What will they learn?

Ellen:  I would recommend my session if you are:

  • A new or a potential Calabrio user with a quality program that is immature
  • Using manual scoring and tracking
  • Don’t have a project management office
  • Driving changes to your quality program by yourself

My presentation is not for the AQM advanced user, but I can tell the Byrider story of how we managed the technical change, how we looked at our business processes and leveraged Calabrio tools to improve our scorecards, and how we are already seeing added benefit and moving the tool into other areas of our organization.

Q: Any additional information you’d like to share? If you are attending C3 and would like to connect, please find me on LinkedIn! I would love to find time to meet with other professionals in the quality field to share ideas.

About Calabrio Customer Connect (C3)

Calabrio’s annual user conference, Calabrio Customer Connect (C3), is two and a half days of in-depth learning and networking. Through dozens of breakout sessions and roundtable discussions, attendees will learn from experts spanning industries. Share best practices and lessons learned with your peers. Speak with Calabrio executives and technical experts to get more value from your investment in Calabrio solutions and to provide feedback for future products.

For a full agenda and more information about C3, visit calabriocustomerconnect.com.

Magnus Geverts is the Vice President of Product Marketing at Calabrio.
Magnus Geverts is the Vice President of Product Marketing at Calabrio. He has over two decades of experience in the workforce engagement management and customer service space, working in a mix of roles and departments across the world: from R&D to consultancy to his role as Chief Business Development Officer at Teleopti. Today, he oversees Calabrio’s product go-to-market efforts. Magnus works closely with product line managers who shape the roadmap and strategies for the full Calabrio suite and oversees the product marketing team to offer software that enables users, engages frontline employees and elevates the end-customer experience.
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