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Clothing Retailer Manages Escalations with Calabrio Analytics

Clothing Retailer Manages Escalations with Calabrio Analytics

Succeed in identifying escalations with calabrio analytics

When a leading clothing retailer for men saw a rise in call escalations, the company knew it had to get to the bottom of why agents weren’t handling calls themselves. After all, a call escalation diverts a supervisor’s focus away from other important tasks, and agents should be trained to handle most situations on their own. What this company realized, though, is their quality assurance process only allowed them to review one percent of the phone conversations they were recording.

Uncovering a business trend with only a tiny fraction of the data? Stop us if you’ve heard this one.

One of the ways we talk about accelerating business performance through the contact center is by starting with a simple number: 100, as in 100 percent. In fact, it’s the only number we like to focus on. Powerful analytics for all of the conversations happening in your contact center should be a given at this point, but companies have struggled to make the jump. Let’s talk about one that has: one that is now seeing the benefit of our powerful Analytics solutions and driving agent performance for improved service.

After implementing Calabrio Analytics and Quality Management, the company was immediately able to analyze 100 percent of recorded calls and review for relevancy through a simple yet very powerful technology. Phrases like “transfer me to your” or “speak to a supervisor” were pinpointed, freeing quality analysts to review only the most relevant escalations instead of sifting through thousands of calls. By liberating this data, quality managers were able to discover the trend: that some of this company’s agents were having a hard time maintaining control during challenging and emotional calls. As a result, the company developed and delivered targeted training to agents who were experiencing difficulty with escalations. These agents learned techniques to diffuse tough situations and became empowered to handle the calls on their own.

Since the training, supervisors have noticed a sharp decrease in escalated calls and are able to focus on managing their teams and improving other contact center KPIs. Calabrio Analytics delivered the powerful insights that the company needed to make better, faster decisions; protecting the business and driving contact center efficiency.

Tom Goodmanson, President and CEO of Calabrio
Tom Goodmanson, President and CEO of Calabrio, has more than 20 years of experience leading fast growing dynamic software and technology companies. Since assuming the CEO position in 2009, Tom is credited with reinventing the company and its culture around a strategy to expand value and reach through new, innovative products, and remarkable customer experiences. Addressing the market need for simpler solutions to complex customer interaction challenges, Tom’s vision to redefine the standard for software ease-of-use has been instrumental in making Calabrio one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.
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