Calabrio Managed Services for Analytics and Workforce Management

Stay Focused on Your Business: Introducing Calabrio Managed Services for Analytics and Workforce Management

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People clappingBetween increasing customer expectations and an influx of new technology, many contact centers are overwhelmed. The reality is, many brands don’t have the resources to manage the contact center in a way that will extract the right insights to inform the business. And while there is generally a stigma around the word “outsourcing,” it doesn’t have to be that way. Brands should consider outsourcing contact center technology services to alleviate the strain on resources and allow a team of experts to help maximize return on investment.

This is exactly why we are proud to introduce Calabrio Managed Analytics Services and Managed Workforce Management (WFM) Services. By allowing Calabrio experts to implement, run, and refine Calabrio ONE deployments, companies can generate the insights needed to modernize their contact center and create a hub for customer engagement.

A recent Technology Adoption Profile (TAP) survey that Calabrio commissioned with Forrester Research revealed that contact centers are stretched thin and, due to limited resources, are not taking full advantage of their tools and technology. In an environment where customer intelligence can provide game-changing insights that can help a brand succeed, it’s imperative that both customers analytics and WFM strategies are strong and streamlined.

According to the “Maximize Customer Data with Analytics” study, 69 percent of contact center decision-makers across the globe want managed analytics services to help them rapidly deploy the right strategies to give them a consistent view of the customer across all channels. They also prefer to deploy analytics as part of a Workforce Optimization suite in order to gain a comprehensive view of the contact center.

With Calabrio Managed Services, brands can lean on the deep knowledge and expertise of Calabrio analysts so they can focus on running the business. Beyond that, managed services help contact centers scale at the speed of business and give customers the experiences they want.

As brands continue to look for ways to improve the customer experience, the contact center will become more important than ever. Brands can encourage and enhance their existing team by looking towards managed services to get the most out of contact center technologies. With Calabrio Managed Services, contact centers can lean on our team to deploy the right strategies to benefit the bottom line.

Want to learn how modern multichannel analytics can help your brand? Join Ian Jacobs, principal analyst at Forrester Research, Inc. and Brad Snedeker, director of innovation at Calabrio, for a deep dive on what multichannel analytics can mean for your business.

Sign up here  for our webinar on July 19 at 12:00pm CT.


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