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Calabrio Analytics

Harness the True Voice of the Customer



Distill complex omnichannel interactions. Hone in on sentiments and intentions. Build a powerful store of rich, usable data.



Reveal trends. Spot issues. Predict what your customer—and your business—needs.



See the story your data tells. Review and share intuitive data visualizations. Recognize opportunities. Identify challenges. Gain buy-in across the business.


Best-in-class phonetics and speech-to-text transcription tools help you capture the voice of your customer in every customer interaction. Transform this structured and unstructured information into highly usable data. Integrate data from Calabrio Quality Management, Calabrio Workforce Management, CRM, HRMS, back-office email, chat, and other channels to create a holistic view of the customer journey. Create a powerful source of business information—and use it to drive better decision-making across the organization.

Data Explorer


One Suite—Comprehensive Tools

Speech/voice analytics, desktop and text analytics in a single, unified offering.


Capture the Customer Journey

Seamless integration with your communications and CRM systems enables omnichannel customer experiences.


See Agent/Desktop Activity

Connect agent activity to results. Gain visibility into what your agents are doing during and after customer interactions.


Speech-to-Text Engine

Speech transcription creates a written record and detailed analysis of every phone conversation. Take control over your transcription with filters that allow you to transcribe only the calls most important to your organization.


Best-in-Class Phonetics Engine

Enhanced voice analytics transforms call audio into a sequence of sounds to enable more accurate searching of key words and phrases—intelligently recognizing acronyms, product names, slang and dialects.


Language Support

Expanded language packs help you understand customers regardless of linguistics.


Reveal the voice-of-the-customer insights buried in mountains of contact center data. See the trends as they emerge. Identify issues and customer pain points—before they impact your business. Discover opportunities to increase employee engagement, improve agent performance and enhance the customer experience. Find ways to work smarter: Eliminate technology or process bottlenecks and improve operational efficiency. Do it all on your own—without the need for IT or an advanced degree in data science.



Text Analytics

Extract insights from emails, chats, social media, surveys, and other text-based customer interactions.

Sentiment Analysis

Automated delivery of sentiment scores for every voice-transcribed interaction. Customizable reports and dashboards with drilldown analysis provide customer satisfaction information with unrivaled accuracy rates.


Out-of-the-Box Tools

Gain instant insights and drive immediate value with pre-configured tools—like Sentiment Analysis, Predictive Net Promoter Score (NPS), Predictive Evaluations, and Agent Benchmarking.


Advanced Search Capabilities

Negative searching, Boolean searching and other advanced tools quickly find the most relevant interactions and lend greater context to your conversations.


Let your data tell its own story—and make your opportunities clear to all. Recognize the insights that can help you increase revenue, optimize efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and validate compliance activity in your contact center. Create non-siloed, holistic reporting that aligns with unique business goals. Easily share this information in simple-to-understand dashboards, graphs, charts and highly customizable reports across the enterprise. Enable truly customer-centric business strategies.

Analytics website visualize screenshot


Intuitive Interface

Widget-based dashboards reveal big-picture trends and make it easy to drill down and take a closer look at activities, patterns and areas of focus.


Dynamic Reporting Options

Rich data visualizations like phrase-clouds and interactive charts show a holistic view of the customer journey.


Advanced Customization Capabilities

Create dedicated dashboards for business problems like customer retention, brand awareness, upsell and cross-sell opportunities, or script adherence and compliance.

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