SEATS: 80 seats across 2 locations

PRODUCTS USED: Calabrio Quality Management, Calabrio Analytics


Needed to pinpoint interactions related to prescription verification and avoid costly fines.


With Calabrio Analytics, the company is able to manage risk, streamline the verification process and reduce time to shipment.


Contact Lens Retailer Avoids Costly Fines with Calabrio Analytics


Contact Lens Retailer protects revenue and improves efficiency with Calabrio Analytics

Speech analytics helps protect business and speed delivery times


In accordance with the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumer Act (FCLCA), contact lens retailers must verify contact lens prescriptions with eye care providers before shipping lenses to consumers. A contact lens retailer was struggling to track its compliance. With no means to automate the categorization of interactions into those that result in a verified prescription and those that did not, the contact lens retailer retained several employees to do nothing but listen to calls to confirm that proper efforts were made to verify prescriptions.

In addition to costly fines, a lengthy prescription verification process meant that the lenses took longer to reach customers. This increased the number of calls to the contact center as customers inquired about their orders. It also put them at risk of increased customer attrition, as customers were driven to order from their eye care provider or a competitor.

The contact lens retailer was at risk of costly fines if a prescription was delivered without the appropriate effort to verify it; up to $11,000 per infraction. With over 11 million orders fulfilled each year, if just 1 percent of those orders were fulfilled without a properly verified prescription, the retailer was at risk of losing up to $1.2 billion per year in fines.


With the Calabrio Analytics suite – including speech, text, and desktop – the contact lens retailer was able to analyze thousands of interactions to pinpoint interactions related to prescription verification, which helped to manage risk, streamline the verification process and reduce time to shipment.


  • Preventing up to $1.2 billion per year in fines
  • Re-allocate precious human resources to solving more critical business problems
  • Fulfill brand promise by speeding up delivery

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